Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Hey Young Chefs!

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Cool kids cook and get creative in the kitchen!

Bon Appetit, Eliana

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Eliana's Diva Rockstar Party Sunday, June 28

Hey Young Chefs!

It's me rockin out on my guitar! I'm having a Diva Rockstar Party! I mailed out big guitar invitations and they are really cool! At my party we had makeup, hair and nails. My sister Soleil is a makeup artist and she is fantastic at doing makeup. Here is a picture of my sister doing Bienelyn's makeup.

Here is a picture of Soleil and I together.

In this picture Soleil has beautiful pink and purple leopard eye makeup. I have a guitar on the right side of my face. Here is a picture of the pretty table that we set up.

On the table we have hot pink, black and zebra table clothes, champagne flutes, flowers, a pink and black feathered boa, four glass blocks, candles, glitter star sunglasses and even guitar shaped glitter all over the table too! At the top, by the flowers, is the invitation. Here is a picture of the goody bag.

We put together an awesome goody bag. It has stickers, a blowup microphone, necklace, bracelet, body jewels, eyeshadow, lip gloss and even Eliana's Diva Party Mix CD! WOW! What a goody bag. The goody bag and all the things in it had the girls' names written in it. Here is a picture of my friends and the cake.

This cake is made out of mini cupcakes and it is in the shape of a guitar with 9 candles. those cupcakes were delicious! Yum !Yum! Here is a picture of all the girls being rock stars.

I received all kinds of cool birthday gifts Nana, PawPaw, Uncle Gary and the kids all gave me guitar hero and Lady Gaga CD for my birthday! By the way I LOVE Lady Gaga. Here is a picture of the birthday gift.

Each girl got their own CD an album with their face on it and a title for it too! Here is the picture of my album cover.

My album cover name is Divalicious!

Cool Kids Cook, have awesome parties, and get creative in the kitchen!

Bon Appetit, Eliana

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eliana at the Children's Museum - Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey Young Chefs!

Aunt Heidi, Mommy (Author & Storyteller Dianne de Las Casas) and I went to the Piazza di Italia. It was grand like a palace and looks like an Italian plaza! Mommy dipped her feet in the fountain and walked around. She said it felt like bath water. After that we went to the Louisiana Children's Museum. I am in front of a butterfly made out of CDs! I love the reflective blue and purple colors! That would be a cool project for home (on a much smaller scale).

This horse below was made of steel and recycled cardboard. It is about 10 feet high. It's hard to believe that someone can make something so big out of cardboard! It is on loan to the museum so see it before it's gone!

I went "shopping" at Winn Dixie. I grabbed a basket and a list and shopped. Here I am filling my basket at the grocery store.

The fruit almost looks real from far away. It was fun shopping at Winn Dixie. After shopping, we went to the Kids Cafe. I served Mommy iced tea, baked chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. Mommy said the chairs hurt her because they are so little and hard. I enjoyed serving her, just like in a real restaurant.

Then we played with the massive bubbles. I tried and I tried to get the bubble over my head, as high as I could but it was challenging. Look at me in the giant bubble! Don't let it POP! :)

Being inside the bubble was fun. Mommy also made a giant bubble. It was funny watching her inside the bubble. Mommy's bubble is BIG!

We had a ton of fun at the Louisiana Children's Museum. I want to go back there with my cousins, especially Camrynn!

Cool Kids Cook and go to the Children's Museum.

Bon Appetit, Eliana

Friday, June 19, 2009

Aunt Heidi's visit to New Orleans June 18-23, 2009

Hey Young Chefs!

Aunt Heidi came to visit to New Orleans. Nana made a Filipino Fiesta! We had white rice, fried rice, lumpia (a Filipino eggroll), pancit (like lo mein with clear, skinny noodles), chicken and pork adobo (made with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce), ribs, and carrot cake for dessert. It was ma sarap (very yummy)!

On Sunday, after a Father's Day dinner at Outback Steakhouse, we took Aunt Heidi to the French Quarter. Above, I am standing in front of Jackson Square, one of New Orleans' most famous places. The big building behind me is St. Louis Cathedral, a Catholic church. Here is Aunt Heidi in front of the Mississippi River. See the paddle wheel boat in the background?

Here I am with my family on a bench in Jackson Square - Paw Paw, Nana, Soleil, and Aunt Heidi behind us.

We took a carriage ride through the French Quarter. Our mule was named Ada. It was fun but I was a little sleepy. Hahaha

While we were riding through the French Quarter, we saw a miniature horse (not a pony). It was so cute. I had never seen a miniature horse before.

Here I am with Ada the Mule.

The carriage ride was fun. We rode for about 1 hour. We learned a lot of important history during the ride. It was my first carriage ride through the French Quarter.

Afterwards, we went to Cafe' Du Monde for beignets! Beignets are French donuts. They are square and puffed up, with powdered sugar on top. My sister said, "When you eat beignets, you can't breathe in and you can't breathe out." The powdered sugar goes everywhere! This is why you wear a napkin bib (especially if you are wearing the color black).

Here is a picture of me in front of beautiful sculptures at Cafe' Du Monde. I love the bright colors and it's a pretty water feature.

This man set up a high-powered telescope on the sidewalk - John Brown's Sidewalk Astronomy, right in front of Cafe' Du Monde. My sister, my mom and I were able to see Saturn with its ring! It was so cool.

We had a fun time in the French Quarter. I can't wait to go back (when the weather is cooler). hahaha

Cool kids cook and eat beignets!

Bon Appetit, Eliana

June 18, 2009 - Hancock County, Mississippi

Hey Young Chefs!

Here we are in Kiln (pronounced "Kill), Mississippi, performing in the Hancock County Public Library system. We had a big crowd - over 120 people! A large group of kids came from the YMCA. Mommy sold a lot of books and signed a bunch of autographs.

The library staff was so nice. They even gave us peach upside-down cake - delish! The library has a cat who lives there permanently. She even has a bed on a shelf!

I met a girl whose name was similar to mine - her name is Liana! Here is a picture of us - me, Mommy (Dianne de Las Casas), Liana and Theresa.

After our show, we stopped at the Sno Palace and I had an amazing stuffed snow ball - cotton candy stuffed with vanilla ice cream! Yum yum! I wish we would have taken a picture! :(

If we would have had more time, Mommy and I would have loved to visit the beach because Kiln is right by the Gulf Coast beaches in Mississippi.

Time to go! See you soon... Cool kids cook and eat snow balls!

Bon Appetit, Eliana

June 14-16,2009 Vermilion Parish, Lousiana

Hey Young Chefs!

From June 14-16, 2009, wWe were in Vermilion Parish. We stayed at Abbeville's Apartment A. The little cottage is so nice. It has two beds (a queen and a sofa sleeper) and a kitchen. The minute we walked in, we loved it. It felt like home to us.

Ms. Debbie, who owned the apartment, is so sweet. She surprised me with a brownie cheesecake birthday cake. It was delicious!

Here is a picture of me with Ms. Debbie. Thank you so much, Ms. Debbie. Mommy and I love you!

We performed in Gueydan, Maurice, Abbeville & Delcambre in Cajun Country. We had a great time in all the libraries. Here is a picture of me performing "The Princess Pat" with Mommy on my birthday (June 15) in Maurice.

On the evening of my birthday, we met Mommy's friend, Troy Leger, for dinner. He is a DJ for 94.5 KSMB Hit Music Station. We ate at Posado's Mexican restaurant in Lafayette. The food at Posado's is delicioso! Mr. Troy surprised me with a huge ice cream sundae with "9" written in caramel on top. Mr. Troy also gave me a bunch of cool gifts - CDs, posters, stickers and magazines! Thanks, Mr. Troy!

In Abbeville, I saw a guy pulling his pirogue down the street with his bicycle. We've never seen anything like it before!

I had a wonderful time in Vermilion Parish! Mommy even sold out of her Cajun Cornbread Boy books and had to get a stash from Barnes & Noble. I can't wait to go back and visit again.

Cool kids cook and visit cool places. Get creative at the library!

Bon Appetit, Eliana

June 12, 2009 visit to Lasalle Parish, Louisana

Hey Young Chefs!

Mommy and I performed at the Olla Cultural Center. The kids loved the show so much they wanted more . When the show was finished they had door prizes. Jasmynn and I got a goody bag with candies, note pads and pencils. Before the show, in Jena we went to the Caboose Cafe and Gift Shop. I had an amazing Turkey Wrap with a little fruit salad.

After eating we shopped at the gift shop. Mommy bought a bunch of clothes, jewlery and candles. Jasmynn and I also got a little treat from the shop. We got a praline bar and it was the bomb. We shopped there for about 2 hours. After we shopped we did our show in Jena.

Everybody loved the show in Jena. I was in the newspaper with mommy and a bunch of kids. They want us to come back next year. After the show they also had door prizes. A lot of kids got the door prizes. Mommy sold a lot of books there.

Jasmynn and I had fun in Lasalle. Cool kids cook , read and travel. Get creative at the library.

Bon Appetit , Eliana